Visual Lucidity was founded in 2006 as a full service graphic design company. We specialize in creating captivating and engaging visual imagery in all forms of visual media; from logos and marketing collateral to custom themed graphics suites for web and mobile applications, and other digital user interfaces, to custom animations, videos, VR and everything in between.

Experience has taught us that form follows function. We produce images that best convey your intended meaning and keep your project's goals in mind while developing every design element in order to help optimize the aesthetic, the user experience, and overall success of your project. We hope that our genuine passion for graphic design shows through in our finished work, as well as our dedication to excellence in service and customer satisfaction.




As a full service graphic design and web development company we can handle any and all graphic design projects. Our background includes everything from logos, marketing collateral, and other printed materials, to web design, concept and product renderings, storyboards, character creation and animation, and even purpose designed theme elements for digital user interfaces in web and mobile applications and Virtual Reality. We understand the value and the impact of graphic design as a key component to your branding and end user experience, and work closely with your team to assure your final product is best suited to your target audience, and representative of your unique voice.




Our pricing is very competitive and as a boutique service, we provide quotations for custom project work on a per job basis. We look forward to discussing your project and how to best maximize the return on your investment in graphic design. If you have any questions just contact us, our representatives are standing by.


starting at $149.00

Your logo is the simplest and most recognizable representation of your brand's identity. We proudly put everything we have into understanding and communicating what your brand stands for and what your logo represents. Contact us today to get started realizing your vision for your brand.





as low as $399.00

We take particular pleasure in web design and graphic design for mobile applications.  We have specialized in creating high volume commercial web sites and web applications since 2006 and are fully versed in the latest design practices and know how to keep your branding and theme elements current without just jumping on every latest design trend. Contact us today to speak to us about your web design needs




starting at $199.00

We provide custom animation and video production services; from simple video intros and "explainer videos" to animated  infographics, and product demonstrations, to training videos, 3D modelling for games and VR, and much, more.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help to take your animation or video project from an idea to reality.





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